DiMarzio DP230
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DiMarzio DP230

Magnetisk pickup för akustisk gitarr.

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The Angel™ DP230.

It has always been one of our goals to create a magnetic pickup that reproduces the exact sound of an acoustic guitar. After years of research, experimenting, and soul-searching, we’ve concluded that the most important characteristic for an acoustic pickup is pretty straightforward: it should sound and feel good. The sound part is obvious. The pickup has to “hear” the entire range of the acoustic guitar from top to bottom, with no gaps anywhere. The “feel” is just as important. It has to track your right- and left-hand dynamics, and respond immediately to the sound coming off the string. A pickup that can do both of these things is going to do the job, and you’ll be happy with it. And that’s what we have accomplished with The Angel™.

Recommended For Acoustic guitars with 3-1/2 inch (89 mm) or larger sound hole using bronze or steel strings. 

Specs. DP230: 
Finish: Tortoise.
Wiring: 1 Conductor. 
Magnet: Rare earth. 
DC Resistance: 1.66 Kohm. 
Year of Introduction: 2010. 
Patent: n/a.

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