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Sontronics STC-10

Cardiod kondensatormikrofon för trummor, slagverk och akustiska instrument. Fungerar även perfekt till filmproduktion monterad på bomstativ. Levereras med mikrofonhållare, vindskydd och gratis nedladdning av Toontrack EZMix 2 Lite. Livtidsgaranti vid registrering.

1 399,00 kr Inkl. moms

1 119,20 kr Exkl. moms

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STC-10 is a pencil-style cardioid condenser microphone. It has been designed using the same technology as our existing pencil condenser mics, but has purposely been introduced to create an even more affordable option in the ever-growing Sontronics range.
Pencil condenser microphones are ideal for spot miking applications and the STC-10 is no exception. Reviewers and users have confirmed it a winner for drums, percussion and acoustic instruments. The STC-10 has also proved indispensable in film production work used on a boom.
Although the STC-10 has been designed with affordability in mind, it still features a built-in attentuation switch (choose 0dB or -10dB) and a low-cut filter (75Hz) to make it extremely flexible in all situations. The STC-10 is supplied with a simple mic clip and a foam windshield to prevent sibilance, and a free download of Toontrack EZMix 2 Lite. Like all Sontronics mics, STC-10 is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
Typ Kondensator
Karaktär Cardioid
Frekvensomfång  30 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedans 200 Ohm
Max SPL 130 dB
Brusnivå 18 dB
Känslighet 11 mV/Pa -39dB +/-1dB
Strömförsörjn. 48 V
Dämpning -10 dB
Filter 75 Hz
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