Ibanez AGP10
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Ibanez AGP10

Preamp för akustisk gitarr AE.

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AGP10. External preamp for Acoustic guitar.

Designed in collaboration with artists and professional sound engineers, the AGP10 is a stand-alone unit.
In contrast to "onboard" electronics, this approach preserves the guitar's integrity,
both acoustically and structurally, while still providing the performer easy access for on-the-fly adjustments.

The AGP10 has a 5-band EQ for Bass, Middle and Treble along with the regular Low Mid and High Mid controls.
The Low Mid control sonically shapes the guitar’s body resonance and single note depth.
The High Mid control is effective for tone adjustment of the high G, B and E treble strings. It provides a crispy tone when boosted, and a soft tone when cut.
The AGP10 has a Notch Filter and Phase Reverse to eliminate feedback. The Notch Filter offers both Wide and Narrow modes.
In Wide Mode, the Notch Filter works in a wide range of Q=1.3. In Narrow Mode, the Notch Filter works in a narrow range of Q=6.2.
Additionally, it can effectively cut specific frequencies that cause feedback, without noticeably altering the overall sound.
The AGP10 contains a low-noise and balanced XLR output jack that can be used to connect with an external mixing console or P.A system .
It also has a full analog circuit with a 9V to 18V internal booster, that offers the lowest possible noise combined with the widest possible headroom.

AGP10 is included in AE900 and AE500.

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